Italic Calligraphy

Italic script, also known as chancery cursive, is a semi-cursive, slightly sloped style of Calligraphy that was developed during the Renaissance.  It incorporates features and techniques characteristic of a quickly written hand: oblique forms, fewer strokes per character, and the joining of letters.  It was developed by the Italian humanists about 1400CE and is one of the most popular styles used in contemporary Western calligraphy, often the first script learned by beginning calligraphers.
Participants learn the basic strokes– similar letter groups, proper spacing and  joining letters. Simple capital letters will also be introduced. This alphabet is popular for quotations, wedding invitations, and envelopes for its readability and simple elegance.
2 hours
8 weeks
2-4 participants
$195. (includes Sheafer calligraphy mini pen set and practice pad)


Uncial Calligraphy

Learn the calligraphy of the Celts!  Immerse yourself in the the Middle Ages with this beginning calligraphy course that features the beautiful Uncial script. Whether you have terrible handwriting or are a seasoned calligrapher, this script is easily learned, versatile, and attractive. Participants will learn the alphabet and numbers and will do a project at the end. Lets get Medieval!

2 hours
4 weeks
2-4 participants

$120. (includes Sheafer calligraphy pen set and practice pad)


Expressive Calligraphy

Coming in Spring!