Beginning Collagraph

A collagraph is a print taken from a collaged plate. This course will explore making plates using different materials that have texture-leaves, string, crushed paper and fabric–and gluing them down onto a piece of heavy card or board and varnished with matte medium. When ready, the ‘plate’ is then inked up and printed onto paper creating rich textures and an embossed surface.

The techniques taught in this class use materials that have a low environmental impact and are readily available and affordable. Saturday’s class involves designing a a collagraph plate and how to seal a collagraph plate. Sunday, it’s all about color and inking the textures, then printing your design on paper using an etching press. If you have scrap textures at home, bring them to class. (leaves etc.)

This course is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want a refresher in this printmaking techniques. Participants do not need any experience in printmaking.

2-4 participants
Saturday 10-3
Sunday 10-2
(includes use of printmaking inks, tools, and board and paper)