I discovered the possibilities of the book form when I first saw Gumby walk into one on TV,  where he encountered the content as a tangible place. I accompanied him on his adventures, met new people, visited exotic places and learned about friendship.

     ‘ARTIST BOOK,’ is used to imply both content and art form. An artist book is a work of art, not simply a means of conveying information.  A book artist is a person who makes books as their form of artistic expression.

     Like Gumby’s adventures, artists books are also tangible places. A reader cannot fully experience the subtleties of an artist book by thumbing through the pages.  Some artist books must be held, some are free-standing, others may have fold-outs that must be manipulated by the viewer.  Artist books can activate many levels of awareness by igniting emotions through text, image, theme and structure.  A book can be private archive, a personal journal, a scientific investigation, a political treatise or an agent of social change.